No Short Time Fix

No Short Time Fix

I think for those who have an addict in the family or are closely associated with one know that the programs concluding in thirty days or less due little more than help the addict work thru detoxification. There have been numerous studies that shown that relapse is almost a certainty unless the addict continues on to some type of extended program involving intensive outpatient care and possibly a sober living environment.

My deceased son had been to a number of short rehab programs and of course with no success as he really never intended to continue his recovery. When we discovered youngest’s addiction we made arrangements to send him to a rehab program located in Tennessee. This choice was made from lessons learned with the deceased son. We felt it necessary to take this son out of state and away from where all this started. As it was, the decision proved to be more beneficial than we ourselves believed. The fact that he was in a remote location and in a place that had hard rules and an excellent reputation got him off to a good start.

It was about this time that his mom and I reached out for help and found a NAR-ANON group located close by. This was the start of our own education and understanding of addiction. Although we planned on our sons return after he finished the program at the end of the month, the members of the group convinced us that he should not be allowed to return home and that we should notify the rehab center that we had changed our mind and that he needed to be moved to where he could continue his recovery. This is never an easy decision for a parent to tell their child they cannot return home. We were fortunate that he was willing to continue his recovery and agreed.

He had made the decision that he would continue his journey and be successful the first time. I cannot tell what brought him to that decision but again it proved beneficial to him as well as us. At the end of his time in Tennessee, he made a bed to bed move to West Palm Beach, Florida. His counselors felt that this chosen rehab center had a fairly good success rate with addicts they had sent there previously. Our son was pleased as his choice, should he have one, would be to Florida or California. It was two weeks before Christmas which brought on even more stress and loneliness for all of us. At this point his life and ours were in total turmoil. The NAR-ANON meetings helped ease the pain of all this and he himself was gaining new friends and tools who helped him as well.

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