First blog post

As this is my first blog I must apologize up front for my many mistakes. I’m attempting to use social media to tell my own observations and results from dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. My own addiction was more of misunderstanding and anger. I go on to explain my own remorse and recovery. No doubt I have not formatted or properly provided all things needed to make this meaningful. It is my hope that there is a story here that may give hope to so many dealing with this dreaded disease. I hope too that it provides further support to my own belief that regeneration of the mind, body and spirit is possible and will continue.

Without help, addiction can only result in tragedy in one form or another. Not for just the addict but for those around them as well. Today the media is striving to tell the public just how bad this disease has spread and how much sickness and death have occurred. Every effort is being made on all fronts to combat a disease that is taking lives at horrible pace. Because the increased number of fallen addicts, it seems little headway is being accomplished. We can only hope and pray by some miracle all this unnecessary sickness and death be lessened. I do not have the answer. I can only speak to my one failure and one success. A fifty percent success is nothing to boast about but a hundred percent failure takes away any hope.

I encourage the readers to comment on a good story. I know there are recoveries that can give hope to those reaching out.

3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I can relate to your conclusion that there is hope for an addict with the right support system, but they must first submit to that mindset. When you said you had one failure and one succes. I may disagree with that. It wasn’t your failure or your success. It was of the addicts failure to overcome or the addicts success to escape from. I am sure your support and understanding has helped enable the successful ones recovery. It takes a lot of and individual such as yourself to openly discuss this and with that being said, I believe that your outlook and understanding differently now has improved your quality of life and that in turn has supported the recovery of the addict.
    Best Regards,


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